Top 12 Tools and Resources for Responsive Web Design

This is the first in a series of post we’ll be adding to our site about Responsive Design. We are very excited to be talking about Responsive Design at tomorrow’s WordPress Meetup in NYC.

For tomorrow’s talk I’ve been putting together a list of my favorite resources and tools to test responsive design.

Must read Responsive Design articles and ebooks:

eBook: RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN by Ethan Marcotte (A Book Apart)
eBook: MOBILE FIRST by Luke Wroblewski

Article: RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN by Ethan Marcotte
Article: FLUID GRIDS by Ethan Marcotte
Article: FLUID IMAGES by Ethan Marcotte

Article: Responsive Web Design Guidelines and Tutorials by Smashing Magazine

Artile: A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Responsive Design by StudioPress


responsive design green diablo

Tools to test your Repsonsive Design: 
Test your site in 10 different screen sizes and devices 
Test your site in the 5 most common screen sizes
Test your site in the 6 most common screen sizes
Adjust dimensions of your viewport to find breakpionts
Media Query Bookmarklet

Other Resources:

Browser Support for Media Queries

HTML5 / CSS3 Browser Support

W3C on Media Queries

Responsive Websites Showcase for Inspiration


My Responsive Design presentation slides can be found on Prezi

I hope these tools and resources are helpful. What are your favorite tools and resources?